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Just In: Facebook Offers to Discuss With Elon Musk on Twitter Moderation

Hours after Elon Musk broke the news of setting up a “Content Moderation Council” for Twitter, Meta Platform’s (Facebook) independent Oversight Board released a statement saying they would “welcome the opportunity” of discussing Twitter’s plans on content moderation in more detail.

The Oversight Board tweeted,

“Independent oversight of content moderation has a vital role to play in building trust in platforms and ensuring users are treated fairly. This is a model we have been proving since 2020. We would welcome the opportunity to discuss Twitter’s plans in more detail with the company.”

As per Facebook’s official terms, “the Oversight Board was created to help Facebook answer some of the most difficult questions around freedom of expression online: what to take down, what to leave up and why.” Facebook was pretty early to understand that with two billion active users on its platform, it shouldn’t be the sole authority to take calls on speech and online safety on its own.

Meta’s Oversight Board Overview

The board utilizes its autonomous judgment to assist people’s right to free expression, articulation and guarantee that those privileges are being fairly regarded. The board’s decision to endorse or switch Facebook’s content choices will be binding, implying that Facebook should execute them or would be violating the law.

To establish & insure a global viewpoint, the Oversight Board incorporates individuals from different social and competent backgrounds, mirroring the diversity of the Facebook platform itself. These individuals were elected because they are professional & experienced at thinking mindfully and coefficiently, skilled at pursuing and making sense of choices given a set of policies or standards, and familiar with new-age digital content and administration.

How They Can Help Twitter

The Oversight Board believes that they can be helpful to Twitter in laying out the basic structure of the council & conjointly working towards a standard protocol that is more nuanced & eventually takes the shape of a universally accepted guideline for any social media on the worldwide web.

At the time of composing this article, Elon Musk is yet to respond to the proposal & further updates will be updated here.

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