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Former OKX Investment head accused of sexual harassment

A former head of OKX Investment and founding partner of Ant Financial’s A&T Capital, Jun Yu, is reportedly facing serious allegations of sexual harassment from multiple women, including his employees at A&T Capital.

The allegations were made public through social media, with one Twitter user, sukie.eth, saying Yu sexually harassed her.

Crypto reporter Colin Wu amplified the woman’s allegations in a tweet, where he implied that Yu was a habitual offender, with more than one woman making the same accusations against him.

Several women have accused Jun YU, founding partner of Ant Financial’s A&T Capital and former head of OKX Investment, of sexual harassment, including his employees at A&T Capital. YU said it was a rumor, but then deleted it. Neither A&T Capital nor OKX has yet responded.…

— Wu Blockchain (@WuBlockchain) March 25, 2023

Woman quits job after alleged harassment

Tweeting in Chinese, sukie.eth claimed Yu made inappropriate advances toward her in June 2022 while working as an intern at A&T’s Shanghai office.

In the lengthy Twitter post, she repulsed Yu’s advances but was forced to quit her job.

According to her, since her claims against Yu would have been weak due to a lack of solid evidence, she chose her career and that of her colleagues over the pursuit of justice.

The Twitter user also claimed Yu tried to give her 20,000 yuan to rent a house, which she refused. The only money she ever asked for was three months’ salary as compensation for work done at A&T Capital.

Sukie.eth says she only came forward following reports that Yu had allegedly sexually assaulted another A&T employee and got away with it.

A&T and OKX mum over allegations

Colin Wu tweeted that Jun Yu had initially made a social media post denying the sexual harassment allegations and calling them rumors but then deleted it afterward.

So far, neither A&T Capital nor OKX has responded to the claims. However, according to Wu, OKX has distanced itself from Yu, saying he only worked with the company between March 2018 and June 2019. It had received no adverse reports against him during that period.

OKX responded that Jun YU joined OK Capital in March 2018 and left in July 2019. During this period, no relevant reports were received. OKX always adheres to a zero-tolerance attitude towards sexual harassment, and will deal with it seriously if found.

— Wu Blockchain (@WuBlockchain) March 25, 2023

OKX’s connection to Yu, however tenuous, received more bad publicity after the exchange announced it would leave the Canadian market following new regulatory requirements by the Canadian Securities Administrator (CSA).

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