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Binance Releases Series of Educational Resources to Demystify Crypto This Halloween

This Halloween, Binance is starting an educational series that attempts to simplify the world of Web3, taking the weird out of crypto and giving people one less thing to be afraid of on this year’s Halloween.

Nearly 30 percent of respondents in a recent social media poll* to find out what people worried most about crypto indicated they were scared off by a lack of knowledge, and 42.8% said they were scared off by market unpredictability and volatility.

Binance is starting a new campaign to debunk, educate, and demystify the world of crypto, making it considerably less spooky and easing people’s fears that blockchain and digital assets are a pile of hocus pocus.

Stay away from the “Crypto Creepies”

This year, Binance is using Halloween as an opportunity to launch an educational social media series in which “Winny the Web3 Witch” will address some of the most prevalent concerns held by those working in the Web3 industry. Follow along on Twitter as Winny sets off on a “trick-or-treat journey” to disprove urban legends, urban myths, and urban lore.

When asked what they fear most about cryptocurrencies, the general public often lists volatility, scams, regulation, and utility as their top concerns; these are the five topics that will be covered in the forthcoming educational series. This is where you can see the series’ promotional trailer.

Debunking Crypto FUD (Fear, Uncertainty, Doubt)

Binance thinks it’s important to address some of the industry’s most pressing problems and dispel some of the FUDs (fears, uncertainties, and doubts) plaguing the crypto and Web3 communities in order to keep up the momentum of their social media education series.

By combining research work with data gathered from a wide range of sources, Binance will investigate a number of issues and provide the facts in opposition to certain widely held misconceptions. As an example of a popular fallacy, it is often said that “most criminals use crypto,” but in reality, around 300 million individuals throughout the globe are already using crypto. The openness of blockchain technology and the numerous tools and databases utilized in the crypto sector maintain a highly safe and secure infrastructure, dispelling another prevalent fallacy that “crypto is not being safe or secure.”

Visit Binance’s research blog for more research on a wide variety of Web3 and cryptocurrency-related issues.

Access to a plethora of education resources:

If that isn’t enough to pique your interest, you can also earn (crypto) while you learn with Binance Academy, a dedicated education platform that covers everything from the foundations of crypto to establishing a crypto portfolio to more complex topics like learning about margin trading.

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