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Roblox Agriculture: Potato Farming Will Appear in the Roblox Metaverse

Roblox farming is about to be a thing. Frozen food maker McCain Foods wants young consumers to grow potatoes in the metaverse in a new game on the platform.

The world’s largest producer of finished potato products hopes to educate its customers about the challenges facing the farming community and the benefits of regenerative farming.

The farms of the future, integrated into Roblox’s popular game Livetopia, allow players to grow potatoes virtually using regenerative farming techniques that improve and restore soil health. The game will be free.

Players will be rewarded when they apply regenerative techniques such as planting cover crops, integrating livestock through rotational grazing, and promoting biodiversity.

“It’s important that we reach out to young consumers with the right message, in the right place, at the right moments of receptivity – meeting them where they are. This is important to raise awareness of building a more sustainable food system through regenerative agriculture,” said Christine Calvenes, Global Head of Innovation and Marketing at McCain.

Mmmm metaverse fries

Roblox and advertising

Meanwhile, the community is concerned about how brand ads affect underage players on platforms like Roblox. Companies use not only traditional methods of advertising, but also influence users through ‘impressions.’

Roblox is a popular advertising platform among brands. McCain works not only with Roblox, but is reaching out across several media platforms. The company also teamed up with Bored and Hungry, a Bored Ape Yacht Club-style restaurant located in Long Beach, California. There are also plans to open temporary stores in London and Toronto on November 3-4 and 16-18, respectively. McCain will promote its new Regen Fries, grown using regenerative farming techniques.

While there are some dubious efforts by advertisers to reach young kids in virtual worlds, farming potatoes has to be on the innocent side. Nothing like the taste of virtual fries! Good for your heart too, because nobody is eating them.

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