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Breaking: Big 4 Accounting Firm Announces Metaverse Client Experience

Top four accounting firm Ernst & Young announced it began providing Metaverse based network experience to its clients. The firm had also set up a metaverse lab to allow for developing web 3.0 based environments for various applications. The Metaverse adoption allows the company to move towards a decentralized economy with web 3.0 based applications and platforms. The top 4 accounting firm is already providing blockchain products on the Ethereum mainnet through Polygon network.

Blockchain Products Through Polygon

In September 2021, Ernst & Young partnered with Polygon to integrate the protocol into their flagship blockchain products and services. The latest announcement on Metaverse implementation would help the firm’s clients resolve business issues. The firm’s global client network platform EY Wavespace is now integrated with the Metaverse. This will expanding the network’s capability to help clients innovate together and rapidly help address any business challenge. Jay Nibbe, EY global vice chair, said,

“The EY organization operates at the intersection of business and technology. By utilizing the EY metaverse experience, businesses can now test the art of the possible and tap into the unlimited potential of this new space.”

Ernst & Young Metaverse Lab

The new Metaverse based service helps the firm’s clients to quickly reach better solutions, it said in an announcement. Clients can leverage EY wavespace experiences whether in-person, virtual, hybrid, and now in the metaverse. Further to this, the firm created the Ernst & Young Metaverse Lab, which has capabilities in the web, augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR) and mixed reality (MR).

The accounting firm’s initiatives in developing Metaverse based solutions stems from huge customer interest. Edwina Fitzmaurice, an executive with the company, said there is a lot of interest in the metaverse from clients in all sectors and industries. In recent times, some of the biggest organizations have joined the world of Metaverse. BlackRock, the world’s largest asset manager, earlier announced the launch of the Metaverse ETF. The product would track companies having exposure to the Metaverse, it said at the time.

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