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Top Upcoming IDO Watchlist for Q3 2021

For investors in decentralized finance (DeFi), the best opportunities are often in Initial DEX Offerings (IDO). It is never too early to start planning, so that tokens can be bought at the best available price. There are a few noteworthy IDOs on the calendar for Q3 this year.

Divergence (DIVER)

Divergence is a crypto options trading protocol for DeFi. It has an innovative binary options AMM mechanism that helps traders manage market volatility. Capital efficiency, composability, and market continuity are key features of its protocol design.

Divergence recently raised $2.9 million in a funding round in June. It is backed by top VCs in the blockchain space. KRI and Mechanism Capital led the private funding with founders of Terra, DODO, Polygon, xDai taking part. The project is among the most highly anticipated early investment choices for IDO investors.

Divergence has not announced the date of its IDO. However, the protocol recently completed an airdrop campaign that will reward 200 winners a share of $30,000 DIVER tokens. It is expected to announce its IDO details on its website and medium page.

Creator Platform (CTR)

Creator is a Blockchain-as-a-Service that provides no code smart contract, low code dApp, and other services. It is primarily focused on the NFT market and is built on the Polkadot blockchain. 

Project builders can create and deploy smart contracts without extensive coding skills quickly. In addition, the smart contracts are compatible with the popular Ethereum Virtual Machine. This allows easy migration of projects and cross-chain compatibility for projects. 

Creator’s IDO launch is set for August 5, 2021. The project is backed by top blockchain VCs. This includes Kardia Ventures, Nebula Ventures, Inclusion Capital, and Oracles Investment Group.

Alkimi (ADS)

The Alkimi exchange is a decentralized advertising exchange that is built on the Constellation Network Hypergraph. It intends to revolutionize advertisement by rewarding users, publishers and advertisers within its exchange ecosystem. 

The exchange intends to host a real-time auction by developing a hosted state channel AIEx. AIEx is the state channel that facilitates the exchange and includes algorithms that mitigates fraud and saves costs for advertisers. 

AIkimi has the backing of top VCs in the crypto space and is set to hold its IDO on August 11, 2021. The IDO will introduce its token ADS, a utility token that will power the exchange and other products that will be launched in the future. 

PandaSwap (PND)

PandaSwap is a decentralized exchange that runs on the OKEx Chain. Users can utilize different features to earn and generate profits. The exchange has an automated maker maker (AMM) that allows tokens to be exchanged on the OKEx Chain. 

One of the first projects on the OKEx Chain PandaSwap is the benefit of first-mover advantage within the growing ecosystem. Users are also offered staking pools to place liquidity for rewards. PandaSwap IDO is set to occur in Q3 2021, according to the roadmap of the DEX. 

Kalata (KALA)

Kalata Protocol is a DeFi platform that offers peer-to-pool trading of  synthetic assets such as stocks and commodities. Traders can trade synthetic versions of tech stocks like TSLA and ARK. Kalata reduces the investment threshold for users by allowing for the trading of fractional shares. Kalata is expected to launch its IDO in Q3 2021 to introduce the KALA token and expand its existing ecosystem. 

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