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Walken to launch its hyper-casual game Walken Runner in early October

The move-to-earn mobile project Walken has announced that it will be launching its first hyper-casual game Walken Runner in October 2022. The game will feature the CAThletes in addition to a diversified Walken experience and more ways to empower players in the different modes.

Walken Runner will be the first game to be released under Walken a Move-to-Earn mobile app that uses the movement detection capabilities of standard smartphones and wearable devices to capture the step counts of users, who are then rewarded with WLKN tokens for in-app gameplay and NFTs.

The Walken Runner game

Besides offering incentives and entertainment to players, Walken Runner will showcase athletes and their athletic skills to try and create an appealing ecosystem that compels people to live healthier and more active lifestyles.

To play Walken Runner, players will acquire their CAThletes, run, collect bonuses and boosters, and also overcome obstacles to strengthen their avatars. CAThletes will compete against a boss at the end of every track.

Top Walken Runner players receive WLKN tokens through the Walken App. A leaderboard will keep track of players’ activity throughout weekly-rotating seasons where players are ranked according to their in-game earned points.

Commenting about Walken Runner, Walken CEO Alexei Kulevets said:

“We are proud of the current traction of the Walken project and inspired to move on and push the limits. The Walken Runner is our first bold experiment aimed at providing additional value and fun to the community and also expanding token utility. It has all the potential to go viral and be a great addition to the main gameplay.”

More games are on the way

After the launch of the Walken Runner, the Walken team intends to release more hyper-casual games in the coming months to enable users to transition easily from Web2 to Web3. It is also focused on building a robust infrastructure to attract more developers and streamline the onboarding of Web3 users.

With time Walken team will link Walken Runner to the main Walken Game and incorporate Walken Runner players’ activity within the broader Walken ecosystem.

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