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Polygon Studios and ITSBLOC Partner to Level Up Blockchain Gaming

With the help of the Web3 gaming platform ITSBLOC, Polygon Studios is enabling a new wave of play-to-earn (P2E) Web3 games. The main barriers preventing players from embracing Web3 games are poor quality and an unpredictable economy. P2E models tend to focus too much on earning at the expense of genuine enjoyment. Many casual gamers are left out in the cold due to overpowered users and mining groups that employ outside funding. ITSBLOCK provides a different option. With the help of the company’s Play-eNjoy-Earn model, players may earn money in the background while having fun. Putting enjoyment first is essential to drawing in a larger gaming audience. This year, ITSBLOC intends to produce a variety of games, including at least three MMORPGs and first-person shooters. DK Mobile: The Origin, its first MMORPG to go live, has a seasonal staking system with a redemption and liquidation time after the season to level the playing field for casual players and increase user revenues. Known investors such as Vista Labs, Nexus One, Edimus Capital, and Atlas Capital helped the team raise $7.5 million. On, ITSBLOC also released its Polygon-based governance token, ITSB.

Polygon Studios Partnering With Meta Studio

A revolutionary platform being developed by Meta Studio and Polygon Studios will enable anybody to produce and market content in a fun, decentralized setting. Meta Studio is building the decentralized commercial metaverse for content creators powered by $METAS in collaboration with Polygon Studios. Through this partnership, the Creators Market, which has experienced the highest growth in the previous three years, will be able to commercialize content while still having fun, free from the threat of Big Tech misuse.

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