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MIR LIST Launched Global Expansion Based On Web 3.0 Concept

MIR LIST Legend GameFi has formally announced its worldwide growth based on the DAO governing structure while also establishing local communities in Malaysia, Japan, and Singapore to accelerate its globalization.

MIR LIST – Web 3.0 Game

MIR LIST is a Web 3.0 game that combines SocialFi, DeFi, GameFi, and NFT to form the Marfa Continent – a new autonomously immersive combat competitive Metaverse. Players may access prehistoric animals, matchmaking squares, golden squares, and XDAG treasure scenarios to develop a thriving Web 3.0 Metaverse open-game ecology. The Web 3.0 game is technically based on a highly scalable and secure blockchain network to fulfill players’ needs for privacy, improve social interaction, create users’ game identities, and provide realistic social and MMO experiences. The long-term goals of players are the primary emphasis of the Web 3.0 game design concept, which benefits from and is derived from players.

Powerful Web 3.0 Integration

In addition to the typical on-chain gaming, such as PvE and PvP, the game has a strong Web 3.0 integration. The game proposes a new economic structure of Play-To-Own to accomplish advantages back to the players. The players are given the game ownership in exchange for donations to formulate tokens (HAX), NFTs (Marfa Apocalypse), or other assets. MIR LIST previously conducted an internal test with an immensely famous scene, and 10,000 users enrolled in less than a week.

HAX Token Platform

MIR LIST announced the platform token HAX, spanning 2 billion pieces released to engage in various circumstances, like platform voting, acquiring props, fees, polling, NFT, and many more. The transmission of HAX consumed increases its actual value but also contributes to the absolute depreciation of the token. The game presents a fully decentralized PoW mainnet coin based on XDAG, building a unique gold-farming structure and facilitating frictionless asset exchange between the MIR LIST network and other cryptocurrencies.

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