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DappRadar X BGA Blockchain Games Report #7 Released

To illustrate how blockchain gaming has emerged as the frontrunner of the next web3, DappRadar, the global app store for decentralized applications has released its Blockchain Games Report #7, which focuses on the most noteworthy recent advancements in the space.


As per the report, the average number of Unique Active Wallets (UAW) engaging with blockchain games in August was 847,000; this was a decrease of 11% month over month, but still represented more than 50% of UAW engagement overall.

The leading protocol Wax saw a monthly decline of 8% in the average daily number of unique active wallets. Nonetheless, Wax hosts 40% of all gaming action. There was a monthly gain of 12% in daily UAWs on Hive, the second largest gaming blockchain and home to Splinterlands (MoM).

Additionally, the average daily volume of UAW transactions on the BNB Chain has increased to almost 92,000, a rise of 8% month over month. Furthermore, the monthly growth rate for Solana is 21%.

In addition, the overall trading volume of connected NFT games climbed by 13.25% month over month, and the number of sales increased by 83.36%, with over 1.3 million NFTs related to games being exchanged.

In the protocol market, Ethereum lost 14.40% of its value, to $11 million, while Solana gained over 171%, to $1.7 million. Ronin’s total trading volume has hit $8.2 million, representing a 27.64% MoM growth.

Key Takeaways

  • Despite the sluggish economy, over $750 million has been raised for Web3 games and metaverse projects since August 1.
  • Within its first two weeks of release, the new Flow-based game, Trickshot Blitz, attracted more than 400,000 unique active wallets (UAW) and processed 4.6 million transactions.
  • After a comprehensive reform of the game’s economy in June, Splinterlands has seen three consecutive months of growth.
  • With over $4 billion in cumulative NFT purchases and an average of over 36,000 gamers logging in each day over the last three months, Axie Infinity is clearly going smooth.
  • In August, $25 million was made through NFTs in virtual world games, an annual low; the Sandbox launches Alpha Season 3.
  • In light of the fact that just 1 in 12 blockchain games are mobile-friendly, Xterio was able to get $40 million in funding for mobile web3 games.

We have just entered a very formative period with enormous expansion possibilities. Some things might be better, yet innovation and progress are constants in this field. The road ahead for GameFi is paved with success, and the sector is well on its way to taking the web3 lead.

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