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Favorite DAO Cryptocurrency projects

One of the most fascinating ideas to emerge from the bitcoin industry is the notion of a decentralized autonomous organization, or DAO. Non-governmental organizations (NGOs) are run by volunteers from the community, giving backers a voice in how their money is spent.

As many investors still don’t have a firm grasp on what a DAO is or how it works, many DAO projects are among the most discounted cryptocurrencies.

Understanding DAO

DAO refers to a group that operates independently of a central authority. The goal of this digital organization is to function in a decentralized and democratic fashion without the need for a centralized authority, and it does this using smart contracts executed on a blockchain network.

Token holders in a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) often have a say in how the organization is run. This indicates that choices are decided via a democratic process in which authority is shared. DAOs have several potential applications, including the administration of a decentralized fund, the management of a community project, and the development of a decentralized social network.

DAOs’ main advantages lay in their openness, security, and toughness. Transactions on a blockchain network are both public and immutable, meaning they cannot be changed or erased once they have been recorded. Moreover, they are more resistant to censorship or corruption than conventional organizations since they are decentralized and run on smart contracts.

The DAO, launched in 2016 on the Ethereum network, is one of the most well-known DAOs. Millions of dollars were stolen, and the incident sparked heated discussion about the safety and feasibility of DAOs in general. Notwithstanding this setback, the notion of DAOs has continued to flourish, with the creation of numerous new initiatives and platforms in the last several years.

What’s with DAO in early 2023

• Venom Foundation collaborates with DAO Maker

Venom Foundation, creators of an ADGM-licensed, high-throughput layer-1 blockchain, and DAO Maker, a startup launchpad that connects entrepreneurs with growth technologies and funding models, revealed they had partnered together earlier in February 2023.

This collaboration, as stated in a news release on February 11th, is meant to serve as an incubator for potential web3 initiatives with an emphasis on providing answers to pressing societal issues.

By participating in this partnership, DAO Maker will be able to have an immediate impact on the growth of the Venom ecosystem, bolstering the development of new initiatives built on the scalable and interoperable Venom blockchain. In addition to supporting web3 applications on the Venom blockchain, DAO Builder will include the Venom wallet into its launchpad.

• EmpireDao turmoils

Another event that made headlines in the DAO space in 2023 is the turmoils at Empire DAO. EmpireDAO made the announcement in January of this year that it will be moving out of its New York City apartment located at 190 Bowery. The move came less than a year after creator Mike Fraietta opened the doors to a community that has grown to 1,500 members with 300 daily visits.

EmpireDAO, the cryptocurrency co-working space launched by entrepreneur Mike Fraietta in the Soho neighborhood of Manhattan, discovered that it was difficult as the prolonged crypto winter continued to put pressure on Web3 firms.

How can the DAO’s savings improve?

Improving the DAO’s treasury management is the most realistic goal. Gnosis Safe technology is widely used by DAOs. The efficiency of payroll and other treasury management services may be further improved with the use of solutions like Coinshift. DAOs may advance in certain ways with well-managed treasuries. So, how can real progress be made?

To do so, it is helpful to think philosophically and appreciate the specific contributions that the Treasury can provide. Why not also reward DAO members for things like proposal submission, voting on ideas, and carrying them out, instead than only the contest participants, who already get the governance token?

DeXe DAO’s DAO Treasury Management protocol will implement this strategy when it launches in 2023. DeXe’s Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) constructor facilitates versatile incentive design and simple fund administration. Yet, it is more successful if appropriate alternatives are available from the outset of DAO construction. Are you interested in using ETH as your token of governance? In such case, proceed. Intent on developing your own? There is zero need for programming. Do you want to empower the most engaged citizens by giving them additional NFTs? Done!

One major issue with treasury management is that individual DAOs tend to find answers just inside their own organization or with their own products. But if the DAO can profit from these outside sources, then what’s the harm?

Implementations like DeXe’s make it possible for any DAO participant to provide a method through which one DAO protocol may communicate with another. If the measure is approved, the integration will take place via smart contracts. Lending on Compound may be used by a DAO to generate interest income.

A DAO is just as powerful as its financial resources. A strong, diverse, and responsive treasury that can capitalize on market opportunities quickly while still being managed in on-chain, decentralized, autonomous manner is essential for funding research, development, community growth, and much more. Then the DAOs will benefit from its growth.



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