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Coinbase Announces Deletion Of 7 Trading Pairs To Increase Liquidity

Coinbase will remove some trading pairs for a number of supported assets on or around 9 a.m. PT on May 23, 2023, citing liquidity reasons: ASM-USDT, ATA -USDT, DESO-EUR, FORT-USDT, FORTH-GBP, MCO2-USDT, XYO -BTC.

As is known, Coinbase has listed a large number of tokens, but the US SEC currently only recognizes that Bitcoin is not a security. So it is the act of purging the platform’s tokens.

Earlier, America’s largest cryptocurrency exchange also announced it is focusing on Washington, DC, with a new TV campaign set to kick off this week promoting the future of cryptocurrencies amid the global financial crisis and their own wars with US regulators.

Dubbed “Crypto: Bringing America Forward,” the campaign will include TV commercials, events, and other promotions, the crypto exchange said in a blog post on Monday (May 22).

According to the press release, four commercials will be aired on popular shows on Sundays on consecutive weekends, explaining why the cryptocurrency is important and why it matters to them in the United States.

In addition, a Wall Street mural campaign, an armored truck turned into a mobile billboard that runs around Manhattan and other locations, and a series of ads during the NBA playoffs will feature the currency’s history and the need to update the financial system, the release said.

Coinbase received Wells’ notice in March – which means the US Securities and Exchange Commission is ready to propose formal fees to its five-member committee. Lawmakers in the nation’s capital are working on bills to regulate cryptocurrencies, but it’s not yet known which ones will materialize.

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