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Avalanche Parent Ava Labs To Launch First Web3 Game in 2023

On Thursday, October 27, Ava Labs announced its strategic partnership with BLRD, a subsidiary of the Japanese gaming house, with a plan to launch the first Web3 game in 2023.

GREE has been an active participant in the Avalanche primary network and gaming Subnets. Besides, it also controls more than a dozen Avalanche validator nodes. Besides, GREE also holds Avalanche’s native token AVAX. This is a major milestone for any publicly traded company in Japan.

BLRD has a multi-decade history of launching popular games in the market. It has also worked with other top gaming companies such as Square Enix, Sega, Konami, and Bandai Namco. Based on well-known Japanese animes, BLRD has made popular games such as Naruto and the mobile version of Final Fantasy.

After a decade of making high-engagement Web2 games, BLRD is now stepping into the Web3 arena. Its recent partnership with Ava Labs will help spur BLRD’s growth into blockchain gaming. The Avalanche network will offer technical, business, marketing, and ecosystem support to BLRD. Eiji Araki, Director at BLRD said:

“I’m excited by the potential of the Avalanche network and its ecosystem. We will deliver a brand new game which will be enjoyed by players for long years as we have done in web2 games.”

Collaborating With Ava Labs on New Projects

In addition to gaming development and distribution on Avalance, BLRD will work on a number of projects with Ava Labs and the Avalanche Foundation. This includes joint investments with Blizzard the Avalanche Fund. Speaking on the matter, Ed Chang, Head of Gaming at Ava Labs said:

“GREE has a decade-plus track record of making games that players love with timeless IP. We’re thrilled that they’ll be building on the gaming chain, Avalanche, and partnering to make its future even brighter. Ava Labs has all the tools to help GREE grow into a Web3 gaming powerhouse.”

Ethereum’s Layer-1 competitor Avalanche has become home to several decentralized applications. It was one of the top performers during the 2021 bull run and among the top ten cryptocurrencies by market cap.

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