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Dogecoin Vs XRP: Which Crypto Is Worth Your Money?

Both Dogecoin and XRP cryptocurrencies are very different from one another. As the crypto market is slowly moving towards a bullish trend it becomes crucial to know which cryptocurrency is a better bet in January, 2023.

Right now, there are more than 20,000 coins and tokens in existence. With 20-40 new currencies getting listed every day. But not every cryptocurrency promises a bright and green future. In this article, we will discuss which cryptocurrency is best between Dogecoin and XRP, especially when both coins have demonstrated their potential for significant price growth.

XRP is popularly known as the bankers’ cryptocurrency. Whereas, Dogecoin is somewhat the opposite. Starting with a meme trend and reaching the new heights, DOGE is intended to be a viable means of payment for everyday retail transactions.

Ripple: Towards the Bull Run

Ripple (XRP)’s revolutionary technology made it a leading provider of crypto solutions for businesses. The coin, at present, is hovering around $0.4 with a 24-hour trading volume of $1,664,844,090. In the past 7 days, XRP’s price has surged up to 9.27%.

Latest Bullish Updates:

  • XRP’s bullish behavior brought a 50% price increase in the last 30 days
  • According to the most recent updates by James K. Filan in the ongoing Ripple vs SEC lawsuit, all motions are now fully briefed, and the judge’s decision is awaited.
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XRP is an excellent investment option for those who buy digital currencies based on a top-down investment approach to diversify their portfolio. And as it is currently, trading below $0.5, one can have an affordable entry and investment opportunity with higher returns.

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Dogecoin – Not A “Joke” Anymore

One tweet is all it takes for Dogecoin to fallin’ in green. The pioneer of meme currency has been around since 2013 but became popular in early 2021 when it was chosen by Musk, the crypto advocate.

Dogecoin bullish updates:

  • A “cashtag” for Dogecoin has been introduced on Twitter, positively affecting the token’s current market value.
  • Network updates and plans to include DOGE on Robinhood supported a bullish end to the week
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Looking at Dogecoin’s price surge recently, it is expected that this meme cryptocurrency will draw the attention of many new investors, which is good for its long-term price appreciation.

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