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New Wave of Optimism (OP) Token Airdrop Began – Here’s What to Know

New Wave of Optimism (OP) Token Airdrop Began – Here’s What to Know

Optimism (OP) announced the start of its third airdrop round, with 19 million OP tokens allocated to more than 31,000 unique addresses.

According to the developers, the token distribution aims to reward those who contribute positively to the management of Optimism Collective. Tokens will be distributed from the 19% supply currently reserved for airdrop and there will be no supply increase that has not been previously announced.

Users who voted with OP tokens between January 20 and July 20, 2023 were determined as the beneficiaries of the distribution. A maximum of 10 thousand tokens will be distributed to each user, and users who keep their tokens waiting for less than 7 days during the voting process will not be able to participate in the distribution.

However, OP management clarified that there is no request page regarding the altcoin distributions in question and that one should be careful about those who share website links for distribution.

The second airdrop round for the token was held on June 16 and 11 million OP tokens were distributed to 307 thousand people. In the first round, more than 200 million tokens were distributed free of charge to more than 250 thousand early participants.

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