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Dash’s v19 Hard Fork Faces Technical Issues, Resolved with v19.1.0

The recent v19 hard fork of the privacy coin Dash experienced technical issues, causing a chain stall. Dash developers quickly released a fix, v19.1.0, to address the problem. During the blockchain downtime, Binance temporarily suspended the distribution of Dash mining rewards. The update aimed to enhance security with BLS signatures and improve the master node implementation and wallet. The v19.0.0 release, originally scheduled for June 14, has been delayed. Dash’s previous v18 update faced challenges as well, including a halted chain due to the release and subsequent withdrawal of Dash Core v18.2.0. The Dash network operates the Dash privacy coin, which originated from Litecoin in 2014. The US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has classified Dash as a security in its complaint against Bittrex.

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